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True Pub Co is a curated selection of charming pubs, spanning London and beyond. Each venue boasts its own distinct charm, offering cosy interiors and delightful beer gardens. Some even feature boutique guesthouses, adding an extra touch of comfort to your visit. What unites them all? A dedication to exceptional traditional pub experiences, renowned beers, fine wines, live music, sports, and exciting events.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of pub culture, where warm welcomes and good times await at every turn.

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Genuine Testimonials from True Pub Co Guests

Great service begins with a smile! We pride ourselves on ensuring that every aspect of what we do is to improve the customer experience. You will be sure to get a warm welcome and a genuine smile.

Felt Like Old Times!

First visit to a pub for a lunch since the Pandemic. I have to say it felt like old times. The food was great. The staff were even better. It fills me with hope that we can return to normal soon. Venues like this are perfect and make you feel so welcome. Congratulations to the management. They have A grade Staff.

AJT Pandya
The Orange Tree, Romford / June 2021
We Wish All Pubs Were The Duchess!

This pub is really efficient. They learn your name, and they know what you drink. As you walk in, they ask you what you want to drink and, by the time you’re at your table, the drinks are there waiting for you. They work sooo hard. And it ain’t fake, either. More than that, their prices are great. Their chef is insanely gastronomic and wants a michelin star, but only at a gastro price. Damn. Wish all pubs were The Duchess! They make me proud.

Adam Dalton
The Duchess / June 2021